Maintenance Works

Through the use of  a multi skilled team. Combining inspection with repair and maintenance works (painting, sandblasting, repairs, replacements, etc.)  offers savings through more effective use of available resources.
our wide range of equipment and inspector capability offers an “all-inclusive approach” for all the Repair, Inspection and Maintenance needs of any operation from Refineries and Petrochemical plants through to offshore oil and gas platforms.

Automation Works

The increased demand for fuel is pushing the global market for automation. This technologies help the companies realize cost benefits, increase productivity, and improve their safety standards.we have been helping our customers achieve more efficient production by understanding your unique needs. We take the latest control and information technologies and apply them to the unique environments of this industry. .

Civil projects

Following cost deflation and scope reductions, oil and gas capital projects are looking for new ways to improve value. We help clients identify and adapt proven best practices from other industries to create opportunities on supply chain optimization, process digitization, learning curve benefits, planning, and contract innovation.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

One of the definitions of project success focuses on achieving client satisfaction. This  highlights the importance of the client as critical for both defining and achieving project success.At Speed tech Systems we value the client as an important project constituent and in most cases the most important constituent.

Our domain-rich experience,capabilities and able team in construction,maintenance, transformation, automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence help to conceptualize working,world class and award winning ideas  that unlock value for organizations in their  journey.

We have a number of processes that set the framework for our work and help us ensure that our designs creates the value we expect. Our purpose is to solve our clients challenges in the Oil and Gas sector, which is why we have developed a process approach that strikes the right balance between design and creation.

We also provide comprehensive oil and gas  services including: oil and gas facility construction, Design/Build services, oil and gas  infrastructure construction,  installations and maintenance,pipeline integrity services, oil and gas infrastructure contractor’s services, structural steel & pipe fabrication, and emergency call outs